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eye-tracking study

Understand unconscious behavior of your customers 

Who doesn't love eye-tracking? Eye-tracking provides a complement to conventional research methods. 

The eye tracker records exactly where the user is looking at any given moment and how long they spend looking in any one place.

Eye tracking allows you to:

  • Find out what is attracting users’ attention
  • Know what they are ignoring or not finding
  • Observe what is distracting them from their user journey

Why eye tracking?

While a standard usability study relies on video and audio feedback alone, eye tracking allows us to observe the thought processes that are not vocalised by the user. Up to 95% of a person’s actions are dictated by their sub-conscious, and as eye movements occur largely below this threshold, eye tracking allows you to gain a deeper insight in to your users and what they are really thinking.

An enabler for natural behaviour

The live eye tracking footage provides the moderator with evidence for the qualitative interview that follows. This allows the session to be conducted in a very natural way so that we can observe the behaviours of interest uninterrupted.

With many of our eye tracking studies we play the eye tracking back to the user. This acts as a visual cue to the user, and in retrospective interviews they talk passionately about what they were thinking at the time, providing a commentary of their actions.

Compelling outputs

We also quantitatively analyse the data collected to produce a series of easily interpretable visual representations that accompany the report . These will show the main areas of interest, demonstrated by individual gaze plots and hotspot visualization maps (known as heatmaps) or other applicable visualisations.

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