Customer Experience Marketing

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UserScientist's Services

UserScientist studies and tells you what make your customers happy and complete the actions you want (i.e; buy your products), then we help you to earn more revenue from knowing what make your customers happier.


User Research

We conduct user research to gather insights from users of websites, mobiles and tablets. This informs the design of the site, to ensure an optimal user experience.

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Experience Design Strategy

Experience Design thinking synthesis user research insights with business objectives, to produce usable and exciting digital design frameworks.

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Usability Testing

Usability Testing (formal or agile) uncovers issues with website, mobile site or app designs. It ensures that the user experience is simple, intuitive and fun.

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Eye-Tracking Study
EEG Brain Wave Study

Eye tracking allows us to explore unconscious reactions toward your marketing assets. It reveals the invaluable insights about what really attracts consumers’ attention. 

EEG brain wave study reveals the customer emotion without asking a word!

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Web Analytics

Analytics is the fuel in the digital world. High-performing companies recognize that data is a strategic asset and strive to adopt a data-driven culture. Data-based decisions lead to clear business outcomes, yielding a measurable return on investment.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Have you optimised your pages to attract more visitors? We can help by analysing your current SEO strategy and offering recommendations for improving your visibility.

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Conversion-Centered Marketing

Conversion-centered marketing is finding why your visitors aren't converting and then we strategically fix it. Let us know what are the action you desire your visitors to complete on your site, we can help make it happen and increase the volume overtime.

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